What do all this pictures mean? Our handyman work is so varied that we even do items such as correctly installing your audio/video components system; install and diagnose computer and other electronic problems; perform technical services such as high speed cabling and technical support; do search engine optimization to make your business website a top page hit on searches in Google, Yahoo, and Bing; assemble and paint your dog's house; install moldings and other woodwork; to replacing your tired old kitchen sink or bath wash basin. Handymen of America can even do advanced candle stick technical analysis on your favorite stock or index if you want us to. Want to learn Arnis or Eskrima, we are certified to teach that too.

We are certified and experts in many areas: Nate (North American Technician Excellence) Gas & Oil Service; Dell System, Desktop, and Laptop Expert certification as well as from others such as Toshiba & Unisys; certified on HP & Lexmark Printers; trained in Cisco & Hypercom routers; FCC licensed to work on radio transmitters; trained on solar renewable energy installation; A+ Certified Technician. Our list goes on.

Need a Plumber? We are licensed in Plumbing.

We are not your typical handyman... We are Handymen of America.

Have something loose? We'll take care of it! We take care of door & doorbell problems. We can take care of your flooding problem as well, and other problems too numerous to mention.

Something dirty? Let our handymen clean it for you. As an example, we fix dangerous decks with nails sticking out, repair rotted parts of it, and then power wash it. We wash stones, concrete, walkways, dirty gutters, etc., and mildew away. We can wash and dry for better paint adhesion.

House full of junk? Let us help you empty it out into a dumpster and re-arrange what's left according to your wishes.

Try us! Handymen of America's charge for labor are reasonable. We charge accordingly as to the difficulty or simplicity of the work involved. Our estimates are always free, and our service is courteous and expedient. We service New Jersey. If you live in the following NJ Counties: Passaic, Hudson, Essex, and Bergen, no job is too small.

We are Dependable! We are American Handymen!


Our guarantee is: "If we can't fix it... No Charge!!!"

We are first and foremost a licensed and insured general contractor. Not only do we do do renovations and home improvements, we also do repair services on just about anything, plus high efficiency oil or gas heating and central air cooling conversions that pays for itself in lower energy cost. Our Handyman work encompasses a very wide range of service.
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We pride ourselves on providing excellent Handyman work at reasonable prices. Call us for your emergencies. We are also Nate Certified ServiceTechnicians for Gas & Oil Heating. plumbing_oil_gas_heat_hvac_contractor_and_new_jersey_handyman_services010030.jpg
Call: (973) 777-5849
Mention our internet web discount for New Jersey and receive 20% off labor. Senior citizens automatically receive twenty-five percent off labor.
       Call Us:
  (973) 777-2932
  (862) 290-1243
  (973) 777-5849
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New Jersey Handyman Work - No Charge If We Cannot Fix It

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